"Royalty books" are exactly what they sound like, books on which we pay royalties. This is the category that is wide open: all particulars of page count, trim size, color/B&W, softcover/hardcover, etc. can be negotiated.


Our standard royalty scheme is that we pay 10% of cover price at the time of printing, and then pay additional royalties at the time of sale, depending on the sales channel. For direct sales, such as through the Jarlidium Press online store or at conventions, we typically pay an additional 30% of cover price. For sales to/through our retail partners, there are normally no additional royalties (because the retail partner only pays us 45-50% of cover price, and printing costs are usually about 40%, which just about leaves the 10% which we have already paid). It is up to you whether you want to make your book available to our retail partners.


For creators who pay taxes in the USA, we are required to report royalties to the IRS on form 1099-MISC, which we also provide to the creator.


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