What are ArtZone and WebComic Archive (WCA)?


ArtZone books are single-creator showcases: you get 24-ish pages to show off your art and commentary. Comic pages are fine but the main focus is on illustrations. If you want a collection of comics, either standalone work or part of something longer, that is what WebComic Archive books are for.


What does an ArtZone/WCA book look like?


ArtZone and WCA books are normally printed as saddle-stapled comics, 6.625" by 10.25", with color covers and B&W or color interiors. There is no maximum rating for these books, although we do have to go through different printers for anything beyond simple nudity, and that can result in some special considerations for the number of copies printed.


What do I get with an ArtZone/WCA book?


You get a professionally-printed comic featuring your work! Specifically, you get 25 copies of it to keep, sell, give away, or otherwise use in any way you like. Jarlidium also gets 25 copies, which we sell via our online store and at conventions. We also solicit your book with our retail partners Second Ed and Rabbit Valley and print additonal copies to fill their orders. Your book remains in print for a year; after that, we will sell whatever copies we may have remaining, but no new copies will be printed.


What happens to the copyright on the art and text?


You keep it! Your copyright notice will appear in the indicia, along with other publication information, which may be located at the front or the back of the book depending on how the layout works best.


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