North American Fur (NAF) is a non-profit APA-zine dedicated to the creation of, and sole discussion of, anthropomorphic stories and artwork. This publication is rated "R" (restricted) in content, which in practical terms means that full nudity is fine but sexual acts are not. Members must be 18 years of age or older.


NAF is published twice a year, with deadlines of May 1st and November 1st. Contributions must be received by the editors no later than the deadline. NAF is published in two editions: the member edition, which includes comments, and the public edition, which normally does not. If you would like your comments to appear in the public edition, please indicate this clearly. Both editions are published in limited quantities and will never be reprinted, and member editions are distributed only to members.


Membership is limited to 45 people. If all slots are filled, applicants will be placed on a waiting list and allowed to join as slots open up. There is no membership fee of any kind. Waitlisters will be kept up to date on their status. Waitlisters may contribute "guest shots" should they wish, under the same rules of size and quality as regular members, but will not be eligible for a free or member copy. In addition, regular members may include in their contributions art or stories by others; these inclusions will not count toward the member's minac but do count toward maxac, and are subject to the normal quality rules. Collaborations between a member and a non-member may be included as well, and do count toward the member's minac.


Minac (minimum activity) is four pages, not including comments pages or blank pages. If your contribution is not received by the deadline, that is the same as not meeting minac. Maxac (maximum activity) is twenty pages, including comments, but not including blank pages.


If you are not going to be able to contribute to an issue, you are encouraged to contact the editors. If you miss two issues in a row, your membership will be terminated except in extraordinary circumstances.


Members must maintain the required level of submission quality. For example, extremely rough sketches are not acceptable. Failure to do so could result in loss of membership. However, because NAF is an APA as well as a zine, if you would like to distribute some pieces which do not meet the usual quality bar to members for comment, you may include them in your contribution if they are clearly marked as being for members only. These inclusions will not count toward minac but do count toward maxac. NOTE: The editors reserve the right to reject any art or story that is of a trouble-making nature, including personal attacks on another member or material with a political or religious agenda.


Advertising is not allowed. It is important to the continued operation of NAF that we be able to mail it at Media Mail rates, and advertising is not allowed according to the US Postal Service's rules.


All members who have contributed to a particular issue will receive a member copy of that issue free of charge. Members who were unable to contribute may obtain a member copy at half cover price to cover printing costs. Half of cover price is currently $US 9.98.


Please note that the editors have final say on any policies and decisions regarding NAF and the inclusion of material in it. The rules listed here will normally be in effect, but the editors may make exceptions and changes as they see fit to improve the quality and operation of NAF.


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