1. You and we agree to print an ArtZone/WCA book of your work, which includes negotiating the exact page count (usually 24, but we can also do 28 or even 32 if there is a compelling reason), the number of strips required, the trim size (we can adjust the dimensions of the book to some extent to reflect the shape of your strips), whether the interior will be B&W or color, and the rating.
  2. We consult our printing calendar and determine when we can print your book. This may be several months in the future if we already have a lot of commitments. Based on our calendar and yours, we negotiate a due date for the content.
  3. We send you a contract. We can mail you physical copies, or we can do electronic signatures via email.
  4. We do touchup and layout of your book and produce a PDF. We send you a URL to the PDF so you can see what we've done. This step lets you check that we haven't left anything out, put it in the wrong order, attached text to the wrong piece of art, etc. If there are problems, we will work with you to address them and produce a corrected PDF. If you and we still cannot agree after the second PDF, you or we may choose to cancel at any time.
  5. Once the PDF is approved, we solicit your book with our retail partners to get preorders. When preorders are in, we send your book to the printer.
  6. When we receive the books, we ship your 25* copies to you and any preordered copies to our distributors.
  7. We will keep your book in print for one year after the initial print date. This means that during that period:
    1. You may order additional copies from us at half of cover price, and we may fill your order from our stock and/or print additional copies, at our discretion.
    2. If we receive additional retail partner orders, we may fill those orders from our stock and/or print additional copies, at our discretion.
    3. If we sell out of the initial 25*, we may print additional copies for us to sell, at our discretion.
    4. At any time, we will provide an accounting of how many copies of your book have been printed and how many have sold.
  8. At the end of one year, your book goes out of print. That means that we will continue to sell and fill orders from whatever stock of your book we have remaining, but we will not print additional copies.


*One of the printers we use for adult material has a minimum order of 100 copies. If your book is adult and we use that printer and the sum of (25 copies for you + 25 copies for us + retail partner preorders) is less than 100, then we will split the additional copies printed between you and us.


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