I've been accepted. Now what?


The very first thing that needs to happen is that we need a signed age statement from you, because NAF is rated "mature readers". All this needs to be is a piece of paper stating "I am over 18 years of age" followed by your legal signature, mailed to the address on the contact page.


Once we have your age statement, the next thing that happens is that you are added to the NAF member mailing list. Everyone who has an email address is on the announcement mailing list, NAF-L at jarlidium.com. The only time it sees traffic is when a deadline is coming up (reminders) or just past (status of the printing process). Please add this address to your spam filter if necessary.


Also, we will send you a member copy so you can see what they're like. We generally try to send the most recent issue, but if we don't have any left then we'll send the most recent issue we still have a member copy of.


Finally, sometime before the next issue is published, we need to know your preferences for the display of your personal information.


As a member, you receive a free copy of every issue you contribute to. If you don't contribute to an issue, you can still get a copy by sending in half the cover price, to help cover printing and postage costs. We frequently waive this and just send member copies to all members, because in most issues only a handful of members miss.


Your options for your personal information


Your name appears in three places: the roster, a list of members at the front of every copy of NAF, and the member contact list which appears at the front of member copies. These days we default to putting your fan name in all three places, both for privacy concerns and because that is how most creators are best known.


Your general location appears in the list of members at the front of every copy. Normally we list your state/province/region and country, but we can list just your country if you wish.


Your general location and email address normally appear in the member contact list at the front of member copies. We can replace the general location with your mailing address or just country, and we can also remove your email address, if you wish.


Member Comments


As part of the APA nature of NAF, members are encouraged to write comments on the works of other members in the current issue and to send in those comments as part of their contribution for the next issue. Normally your comments will be printed as members-only pages, but they can be printed as general pages (which appear in public issues) at your request.


In member copies, there will always be one members-only page at the start of your section to mark the beginning of it. If you don't send in any comments, or anything else which you indicate should be on members-only pages, we start looking for other things to put there, like envelope doodles. If we don't have anything of yours which we can use, you will end up with "blank page" art by someone else.


What is "blank page" art?


It's a long tradition in furry APAs and is in the same spirit as IBM's famous "this page intentionally left blank": it tells the reader that the blank page isn't a printing error. Anyone can contribute "blank page" art — please! We rarely have enough to go around for any given issue. It doesn't have to be fancy but it should include the words "blank page" somewhere. This lets readers know that it's a blank page and lets us know that it's intended as blank-page art instead of as part of your trib.


When is NAF published?


NAF is published twice a year, with contribution deadlines of May first and November first.


Can I send my contribution electronically?


Yes! We prefer electronic tribs where possible.


Can I send my contribution via mail?


Yes! Please send clean copies (not originals) to the address on the Contact page. If you're about to print out a scan to mail it in, please consider contributing electronically — send us the file you were going to print! The process of printing it out and then scanning it back in just loses quality and causes more work for both you and us, and costs you postage too.


Jarlidium Press can be reached at:

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