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January 2015:

We live! We will be in the Further Confusion dealer's room in less than a week, with five new titles and the Endtown books back in print! Check out the What's New on the left.

We also have a Tumblr now. There you'll find pictures of new books as they come through, and whatever else I might find to take a photo of.

Our convention schedule for the year:

  • January 2015: Further Confusion
  • May 2015: Flinters will be at Biggest Little Fur Con with some Jarlidium stock
  • July 2015: Anthrocon
  • August 2015: Rocky Mountain Fur Con
  • September 2015: We will NOT be at Rainfurrest because like everyone else we didn't get a table



Dear Dewey Teagarden: Selected Letters

Dewey Teagarden shares her naughty illustrated correspondence! By Chromatophore. 44 color pages, $10

Scavengers #3

The long-awaited next issue of Flinters's space opera. The Recovery crew make it back to base but it's neither peaceful nor enlightening. Intrigue, arrests, and ow. 24 color pages, $5

Available soon

WCA #9: Cool Cat's Drug-Free Good Time Comic Book to the Rescue

A Murry Purry Fresh and Furry collection by Agouti Rex! 28 color pages, $5

North American Fur #31

Art, comics, and stories! 224 B&W pages plus 12-page color supplement, $18

Squeak! #6

Comics and pinups by Ram the Dragon, PMoss, Sailor Anna, Flinters, and Nut-Case, cover by Caribou. 24 B&W pages, $4

Xfrmations Unlimited #7

Comics and pinups by Lobst, Flinters, and Nut-Case, cover by Nut-Case. 24 B&W pages, $4

Endtown book 1

Combines the landscape-mode volumes 1 and 2: "A Fistful of Beans" and "Gustine's Quest". 276 pages, $24.99

Endtown book 2

Combines the landscape-mode volumes 3 and 4: "The Ballad of Holly and Wally" and "Countdown". 256 pages, $24.99

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We also have a Tumblr now!

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