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Last site update: Sun Jul 26 17:11:00 PDT 2015

July 2015:

We have survived Anthrocon! Issue 32 of North American Fur is out, in color! And Flinters's first color art book, May Contain Nuts is also out. We will be at Rocky Mountain Fur Con in a couple weeks, and that will be our last con for some time because we didn't get a table at Rainfurrest or Further Confusion. We're hoping to get a booth at Emerald City Comicon, but that's not until next April, and then we expect to be at Biggest Little Furry Con in May.

The first collection of Jayelle Anderson's comic Anaria was supposed to be out in time for RMFC, but my father passed away the weekend that I was going to be doing layout, so that plan got derailed. It will be out this fall and available on Amazon!

Speaking of Amazon, we are discussing the next book of Endtown with Aaron, and it should be out on Amazon in time for Christmas.

January 2015:

We live! We will be in the Further Confusion dealer's room in less than a week, with five new titles and the Endtown books back in print! Check out the What's New on the left.

We also have a Tumblr now. There you'll find pictures of new books as they come through, and whatever else I might find to take a photo of.

Our convention schedule for the year:

  • January 2015: Further Confusion
  • May 2015: Flinters will be at Biggest Little Fur Con with some Jarlidium stock
  • July 2015: Anthrocon
  • August 2015: Rocky Mountain Fur Con
  • September 2015: We will NOT be at Rainfurrest because like everyone else we didn't get a table



May Contain Nuts

Art collection by Flinters, 80 color pages, $13.99

North American Fur #32

The first color issue! 338 pages, 32 creators! $19.99

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We also have a Tumblr now!

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