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Last site update: Thu Oct 20 20:09:47 PDT 2016

October 2016:

Convention season is over. Now we are turning our attention towards building an online store and a new website over the course of this month and next. Then it will be time for North American Fur issue 35. Beyond that, we have about fifteen different books in various stages of preproduction, so we should have a stack of new titles by the time our next convention rolls around!

Speaking of conventions, our plans for next year are: Biggest Little Fur Con in June, Anthrocon at the beginning of July, Rocky Mountain Fur Con in August (?), hopefully our debut appearance at Rose City Comic Con in September, and the new Seattle-area convention, Anthro Northwest, in November. All of this is tentative because of the five only BLFC and Anthro Northwest have opened for table applications yet, and RMFC hasn't even announced dates for 2017.

June 2016:

What's going on? Well, despite Tibo having surgery at the end of March, we were able to attend BLFC 2016. Big thanks to all of you who stopped by! We will have the new issue of NAF (North American Fur) at Anthrocon next week, where you can find us at K12/K13! And we will be at Rocky Mountain Fur Con in August, too!

The website has gotten a bit stale because it needs to be replaced entirely, not just updated. Right now, we expect to unveil a new site, with styling from this century, in September, along with (finally!) an online store where you can buy books directly from us. Stay tuned!



North American Fur #34

Cover by Kalahari! 358 pages, 31 creators! $19.99

Anaria: The Witch's Dream

The first chapter of Kaylee's story. 50 color pages, $15.99

North American Fur #33

Wraparound cover by Lee Madison! 436 pages, 34 creators! $19.99

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