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August 2013: We still have some copies of the Limited Editionof Endtown volumes 3 and 4, and you can buy them directly from us at the Endtown page. Check out the blurb at the top of the (closed) preorder page for an explanation of why they're Limited Edition.

July 2013: All preordered copies of Endtown volumes 3 and 4 were shipped on Monday, July 22nd.

June 2013: Time for a housecleaning! What's happened so far this year? We were at Further Confusion in January and Furlandia (Portland) in May. Coming up soon, we will be at Anthrocon in July. Due to continuing work and life commitments, it has been a slow year for releases, but we got the second volume of the Complete YARF! out, and a new book of Flinters's art. Endtown volumes 3 and 4 are in the works, and a one-shot Roomies comic from Flinters — we should have all of those at Anthrocon, so stop by the table and take a look! North American Fur issue 29 is also underway, but won't be out until after the con. Also, we will not have new issues of Xfrmations Unlimited or Squeak! until the next Further Confusion.

What's up for the rest of the year after Anthrocon? We will be at Rainfurrest in September. As mentioned, we will have North American Fur issue 29, and then the big 3-0 as well, and Xfrmations Unlimited and Squeak! The Complete YARF! volume 3 will be coming out, and a new ArtZone with Megan Giles. Flinters has promised to continue the Scavengers saga, so look for issue 4 at Further Confusion 2014. There might be more titles, but I'm also going to be buying a house (I hope), so we can't make any promises right now.

November 2012: FoxyFennec's ArtZone is out and available for purchase! NAF #28 has gone to the printers and will be available at FC. I am working on more volumes of Complete YARF!, which will also be available at FC. Flinters is working on Squeak! #4 and Xfrmations Unlimited #5, which will also also be available at FC. Sadly, the next volume of Flinter's space opera Scavengers will not be at FC, since he spent the summer/fall moving to a new house.



Endtown Limited Edition volume 4

"Countdown", 134 B&W pages
available from us

Endtown Limited Edition volume 3

"The Ballad of Holly and Wally", 134 B&W pages
available from us


Scooby — er, Flinters — and the (Roomies) gang! 24 B&W pages, $4

Squeak! #4

Comics by Higgs, Hughes, and Flinters, cover by Caribou. 24 B&W pages, $4

Xfrmations Unlimited #5

Comics and stories by Kelvin, Angrboda, Higgs, and more. 28 B&W pages, $4

ROOsistance is Futile

Another collection of art from Flinters! 80 B&W pages of art and commentary by the roo himself. $10

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