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North American Fur is an APA/zine: that is, it is an APA that also sells to the public to cover copying and mailing so that members don't have to bear those costs. It was founded in 1997 by Paul Groulx, former editor of Furthest North Crew, and he published the first three issues. When Ed Zolna closed down Mailbox Books in the spring of 1999, NAF almost folded because that was the major market. Luckily, we at Jarlidium (who also happen to be charter members of NAF) were able to step in and continue the title. NAF is still going strong, coming up on 30 issues.

NAF is published twice a year. The summer issue comes out in, well, the summer, and the winter issue is out in time for Further Confusion. These days, it is published as an 8.5" by 11" perfect-bound paperback book with a wraparound cover.

NAF is never reprinted. One way to make sure you get a copy is by subscribing.

Despite the title, NAF is not restricted to just North American members; we are pleased to have members from both hemispheres and three continents:

Dan 'Flinthoof' Canaan James 'Tibo' Birdsall Foxy
David Buttenshaw Reese Dorrycott Michael Thompson
Gene Breshears Terency Owens Zephery Hughes
Tiffany 'Syke' Ross Ken Marcinkevicius Megan Giles
JW Kennedy Roy D. Pounds II Joy Riddle
James L. Brandt Portzebie ReDaDillio
FoxyFennec Phil Bolton Robert "Bucky" Losiniecki
Shawntae Howard Babs Bunny Noel "Tincrash" Melendez
Immortal Panda White Dragon NL Lee "Artraccoon" Madison
Xevelous (N. P. F.) Ivy Mistfox Dragon Man Mike
Sargonius Tristan Black Wolf Kalahari

NAF is always looking for new members. See the NAF page under "How To Get Published" for more info.

#30, Summer 2014, 284 pages plus color supplement, $18
#28, Summer/Winter 2012, 326 pages plus color supoplement, $18
  #29, Summer/Winter 2013, 298 pages plus color supplement, $18
#26, Summer 2011, 330 pages plus color supplement, $18
  #27, Winter 2011, 330 pages plus color supplement, $18
#24, Summer 2010, 336 pages, $18
  #25, Winter 2010, 300 pages plus color supplement, $18
#22, Summer 2009, 264 pages, $18
  #23, Winter 2009, 320 pages, $18
#20, Summer 2008, 220 pages, $15
  #21, Winter 2008, 256 pages, $18
#18, Summer 2007, 184 pages, $15
  #19, Winter 2007, 202 pages, $15
#16, Summer 2006, 266 pages, $15
  #17, Winter 2006, 164 pages, $15
#14, Summer 2005, 210 pages, $15
  #15, Winter 2005, 200 pages, $15
#12, Fall 2004, 229 pages, $15
  #13, Winter 2004, 202 pages, $15
#10, Summer 2002, 400 pages
  #11, Fall 2002, 240 pages
#8, Spring 2001, 222 pages
  #9, Fall 2001, 256 pages
#6, Spring 2000, 196 pages
  #7, Fall 2000, 214 pages
#4, Spring 1999, 113 pages
#5, Spring 1999, 170 pages

You can subscribe to North American Fur for one year (two issues) or two years (four issues). Within the US, one year is $40 and two years is $75, including postage. For subscription rates outside the US, or to make payment arrangements, please contact us at info@jarlidium.com. We accept checks, money orders, and Paypal.



North American Fur #30

Art, comics, and stories by 25 creators! 284 B&W pages plus 12-page color supplement, $18

Complete YARF! volume 3

The collection continues! Issues 11-15 in one volume. 326 B&W pages, $15

Happy Little Trees

2013 art from Flinters, with comments by the artist! 80 B&W pages, $10

Squeak! #5

Comics by Hughes, covers by Os. 24 B&W pages, $4

Xfrmations Unlimited #6

Comics and stories by Tabbiewolf, Taki, and Flinters, cover by Shawn the Girl. 24 B&W pages, $4

WCA #8: Starlite Gardens

Starlite Gardens comic story by Megan Giles: Candi the bunny tries to find a place to crash while her apartment is fixed up! 24 B&W pages and one color, $4

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