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The Dallas Brawl Update (DBU) started as an offshoot of Bizarre Wars, a "zap" war where artists would draw quick pieces reacting to and playing off of each other. The waiting list was long, so Mel. White started DBU to allow the waitlisters to have their own zap wars. When Mel. had to shut down, we were able to take it over and continue it for several years, then we passed it on to Rhatagraphics Press. Unfortunately we have no current information about the status of Rhatagraphics or DBU.



Dear Dewey Teagarden: Selected Letters

Dewey Teagarden shares her naughty illustrated correspondence! By Chromatophore. 44 color pages, $10

Scavengers #3

The long-awaited next issue of Flinters's space opera. The Recovery crew make it back to base but it's neither peaceful nor enlightening. Intrigue, arrests, and ow. 24 color pages, $5

Available soon

WCA #9: Cool Cat's Drug-Free Good Time Comic Book to the Rescue

A Murry Purry Fresh and Furry collection by Agouti Rex! 28 color pages, $5

North American Fur #31

Art, comics, and stories! 224 B&W pages plus 12-page color supplement, $18

Squeak! #6

Comics and pinups by Ram the Dragon, PMoss, Sailor Anna, Flinters, and Nut-Case, cover by Caribou. 24 B&W pages, $4

Xfrmations Unlimited #7

Comics and pinups by Lobst, Flinters, and Nut-Case, cover by Nut-Case. 24 B&W pages, $4

Endtown book 1

Combines the landscape-mode volumes 1 and 2: "A Fistful of Beans" and "Gustine's Quest". 276 pages, $24.99

Endtown book 2

Combines the landscape-mode volumes 3 and 4: "The Ballad of Holly and Wally" and "Countdown". 256 pages, $24.99

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